For 4 decades Polyway has been in the business of processing composites materials and manufacturing tooling and composite pressure vessels.

We use our expertise in manufacturing processes and quality management to design and implement comprehensive and innovative solutions.

As a prime contractor, Polyway's design office and manufacturing plant (contact, RTM and infusion, filament winding, and spray-up moulding), will support you throughout your project.

We act as a single point of contact for industries, businesses and communities, handling your project from engineering to design and from manufacturing to commissioning.

Polyway is a leader when it comes to solutions for water, solutions for aquaculture and floating solutions, in a process of continuous improvement.



Total area of 20,000 sq. m

Production area of​4,500 sq. m comprising:


  • 1 design office with CAD

  • 1 RTM and infusion moulding unit

  • 1 filament winding moulding unit

  • 1 contact and spray-up moulding unit

  • 1 mould and model manufacturing unit

  • 1 composite pressure vessel and special parts unit

  • 1 metalwork, plastic and stainless steel pressure vessel unit

  • 1 joinery

  • 1 extra high mounting and assembly unit



Human Resources


A multidisciplinary staff of 40 people,

  • A production team trained and experienced in the different manufacturing techniques

  • A sales and administrative team at your service

  • A design office to advise you

  • Quality service



Machinery and equipment


  • 3 gelcoat application machines

  • 2 vacuum injection machines

  • 3 resin spraying machines

  • 2 spray up machines

  • 2 vacuum pumps

  • 1 filament winding machine

  • 2 post-curing machines

  • 1 6-axis routing robot

  • 2 TIG welding stations

  • 1 complete set of joinery machines

  • 8 cranes

  • 2 forklifts

  • 2 CAD stations, Autocad, Inventor

  • 1 MRP software

  • 1 Quality management software