With 40 years of experience in processing composite materials, Polyway develops comprehensive solutions for our clients. As a single point of contact for businesses and communities, Polyway handles your project from engineering to design and from manufacturing to commissioning.

Expertise / Advice
We work with you to identify your requirements based on numerous factors and provide advice as to the best solution for you.

Engineering / Design

Our experienced design office equipped with CAD software engineers innovative solution corresponding to your specific needs and tailored to your requirements.

Composite materials

We have 30 years of experience in processing composite materials and manufacturing tooling and composite pressure vessels.

  • Tooling: manufacture of production moulds and models
  • Contact moulding
  • Spray-up moulding
  • Filament winding moulding
  • RTM vacuum injection moulding
  • Infusion moulding
  • Composite pressure vessels: manufacture and assembly of all types of pressure vessels in composites, PVC and steel

Composite materials

Delivery / Installation
Polyway will deliver and install your system, upon request.

Polyway will commission your system.

Service / Maintenance
We will service your systems through a maintenance contract or an Aftersales Service operation. Polyway's expert technicians will overhaul your system and make any changes required (compliance, transformation, reassignment, insulation).