Cylindrical / cone bottom tanks for larval hatchery

Cylindrical aquaculture tank characteristics

Cylindrical aquaculture tank is particularly well to oyster larvae farming in shellfish hatcheries. It allows an even distribution larvae in the tank and presents of very good cleaning facilities and a very good distribution of foods.

Any cylindrical tanks are in fiberglass reinforced polyester, standing or skirt support, with a built-in bottom drain and PVC outlet pipe.

The fiberglass is a material for food use adapted to oyster farming. It is a light and robust material guaranteeing the durability over time. The cylindrical aquaculture tank is easy maintenance and disinfect.

Polyway product and commercialize cylindrical tanks with different dimensions. The water volume can vary from 40 liters at 4 300 litters (40L, 2120L and 4 300L) and the interior diameter from 300 mm at 2 0145 mm.

Cylindrical aquaculture tank finishes

We realize various finishes on our cylindrical tank range. The tank has a form without sharp edges. Polyway apply a gelcoat in the smooth interior face. About the exterior face, we apply a topcoat with the same color. In order to improve the durability and the strength of its cylindrical tanks, Polyway realizes a reinforcing lip which is installed in the upper part of the tank.

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Larval hatchery tank
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