Circular storage tank – fish pond

Polyway, composite material specialist, design several fish tank types in order to satisfy fish farmers’ needs.

The circular fish tank characteristics

Built with fiberglass reinforced polyester, the circular fish tanks ensure you durability over time. The polyester is a material to food use, very light and imputrescible. With the polyester resistance and robustness, the circular tanks guarantee you quality and solidity.

The circular tank allows an even distribution of fish in this one. This tank types are easy to clean and have a good food distribution.

Any circular tanks are realized in fiberglass reinforced polyester, standing or skirt support, with a built-in bottom drain and PVC outlet pipe.

The circular tank’s standards interior dimensions have a diameter to 1 250 mm with a height to 720 mm and a ground clearance to 200 mm. It can contain until 825 liter of water. Polyway adapts to fish farmers’ needs and offers tailored solutions.

These fish ponds are used for the fish farming: storage, larval rearing, pre-fattening and fattening of fishes.

The circular tank’s finishes


So as to solidify and to improve the circular tanks resistance, we apply a gel coat on the smooth interior face. A top coat is also applied outside the tank with the same color.

The tank’s quality and solidity are improved thanks to the reinforcing lip put in the upper of this one.

The circular tanks can completed with various equipment. Check the section “parts and accessories”.

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Circular tank for fish farming
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