Crustacean storage tank


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Crustacean storage tank


Breeding tanks (rectangular aquaculture tank) for crustacean farming. Storage and presentation aquaculture tanks are made of fibreglass reinforced polyester; delivered with resin wood supports. Crustacean farming tanks can be stacked up to 3 unit high. Polyway aquaculture tank are perfectly adapted to crustacean farming (shrimp farming, crayfish farming, crab farming...). In fact, each aquaculture tank is made of FRP with a food-grade gelcoat interior.

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Crustacaean farming tank_rectangular tank_aquaculture


aquaculture tank_ rectangular aquaculture tank_Custacean farming tanks


Crustacean farming storage tank_rectangular storage tank for aquaculture


Custacean farming storage tank_breeding tank for crustacean farming_rectangular breeding tank


Crustacean farming storage tank_pounded tank_ breeding tank_rectangular aquaculture tank

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