Emergency water storage tank

The emergency solution in case of lifting station pumps breakdown is the peak flow storage tank.

In case of lifting station pumps breakdown, the holding tank collects the waste waters during 2 hours, located upstream. The provisional storage allows the holding tank troubleshooting.

The water retention tank characteristics

The holding tank is dedicated to water emergency storage in case of lifting station pumps breakdown. Built in fiberglass reinforced polyester and equipped high mechanical resistance, the holding tank Polyway are robust. This allows making it stainless and insensitive to corrosion.

Polyway submit you a holding tank range going from 10 up to 75m3 with a diameter from 1000 to 2800mm. Standard sizes are available but Polyway adapts to your needs and offers you tailored solutions too.

emergency water storage tankemergency water storage tank

On the holding tank, you will find different elements:

  • (1) The storage tank;
  • (2) A access hatch (manhole) with or without extension;
  • (3) A access hatch cover of permanent formwork/fall protection system;
  • (4) A wastewater inlet (bar screen required upstream to prevent clogging of the tank);
  • (5) Water is released at a controlled flow rate into the public sewer system (sloping ground for better evacuation);

The retention tank utilization

The retention tank installation allows storing waste waters in case of lifting tank breakdown. The tank is put upstream of the lifting station. This allows to anticipate and to set up an emergency solution in case of breakdown.

The waste waters are collected in the storage tank during 2 hours and they are rejected in the network.

Polyway offers the retention tank installation in sewage network of waste waters.

The storage tank installation

The retention tank is installed by Polyway, horizontally or vertically buried or aboveground. Also, we propose the several tank twinning, 2 tanks minimal. For the holding tanks installed aboveground, Polyway applies a topcoat protecting this one of exterior aggressions.

To ease the modularity and the handling of the installation, Polyway uses the polyester, a light material.

The retention tank anchoring is ensured by straps or polyester cribs.

The holding tank cleaning

Concerning the retention tank maintenance, Polyway advises you to pass a water jet on the interior surface of this one.  So, the water will avoid a grease film development.

If you want more information, contact-us or check the technical data sheet!

Peak flow storage tank
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