Fish square pond with inclined bottom - Fish farming

Polyway, composite material specialist, offer you a fish pond range.

Fish square pond characteristics

Any our ponds with inclined bottom are realized in fiberglass reinforced polyester, standing, with a built-in bottom drain and PVC outlet pipe. The polyester is a material light and robust guaranteeing the pond resistance and durability over time. This component allows making imputrescible the pond and thus to ease the maintenance of this one.

Polyway offers standard tanks to 2350 liters and 11 550 liters. If you wish tailored solutions, contact us directly! You can also equip your fish farming tank in consulting the parts and accessories.

Our team applies a gel coat in the tank’s smooth interior face and a top coat on exterior part. To allow the tank resistance and durability, we set up a reinforcing lip on the upper of this one. The fish pond is built without sharp edges.

The fish pond use

The square tanks are generally used in fish farming for larval rearing: the larvae don't bunch on the tank corners. They are easier to reap. The square form avoids the circular flow creation, there is neither dirt accumulation nor food lost.

This tank form is used generally in fish farming for larval rearing. Also, it is used for the pre-fattening or the fattening of fishes. The square form with semi-rounded corners is favored for the nervous fishes as the trout.

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Square tanks for fish farming
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