Flow control tank

The flow control tank avoids the rainwater saturation.

During heavy rains, the rainwater is collected in the flow control tank. The water volume is rejected towards the network with controlled flow.

The flow control tank characteristics

Designed with a high mechanical strength, these flow control tanks guarantee you your material’s continuity over time. Polyway chooses polyester to make its tanks this allows them stainless and insensitive to corrosion.

The flow control tank range extends from 10 up to 75 m3 with a diameter from 1000 up to 2800 mm. Polyway offers tanks with standard size, but, the company is also ready to adapt in offering tailored solutions.

flow control tankflow control tank

On the flow control tank, you will find different elements:

  • (1) The flow control tank;
  • (2) Access hatch (manhole) with or without extension;
  • (3) Access hatch cover of permanent formwork / fall protection system;
  • (4) Storm water inlet from the network;
  • (5) The storm water is evacuated towards the network to controlled flow, according to regulations, between 7 and 25 m3 per hour.

The flow control tank utilization

The flow control tank installation allows avoiding the stormwater network saturation. This solution stores temporarily the stormwaters during heavy rains. Then, it’s reused for right times.

The flow control system allows regulating the stormwaters reject towards the network

This range of tanks can be disposed in a stormwater tank.

The flow control tank installation

The storage tank can be installed to different manners:

  • Buried;
  • Aboveground tank.

Polyway offers you an installation either in vertical or in horizontal. Also, it’s possible to assemble several flow control tanks together. For the aboveground tanks, Polyway applies a top coat allowing protecting the tank of exterior aggressions

Built in fiberglass reinforced polyester, the storage tanks are more workable thanks to that light material. It eases the tank handling.

To finish, the storage tank blocking is ensured by straps or polyester cribs.

The storage solution maintenance

Polyway recommends you for the tank maintenance to pass a water jet on the surface of this one. This application will allow avoiding the creation of a grease film in the tank interior.

For more information, contact us or check the technical data sheet of product.


Flow control tank
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