Mesh tubes for oysters

The mesh tube allows to transpose of oyster spat in the nursery tank. The aim being the pre-fattening of the oyster before its farming at sea.

Mesh tubing characteristics

The mesh tubing are realized in composite material biosourced, a innovate material with food use. Ultralight, the fiberglass is a robust and imputrescible material guaranteeing the durability over time.

We offer two sizes of mesh tubes:

  • Ø 500, 
  • Ø 400, 

The mesh tubing has a height to 325 mm and has a different filtering surface according to their diameter. If a mesh tubes have a diameter to 400 mm, its filtering surface will be to 0,125 m2 and 0,196 m2 for a diameter to 500 mm.

The mesh tubing’s unit weight is inferior to 3kg.

It is equipped a mesh in polyester fully befit the oyster spat farming or clam spat farming. We realize different types of mesh:

  • A mesh from 150 µm à 3 000 µm (150,300,600, 800, 1000,1500, 2000 and 3000) for a diameter of 400 mm;
  • A mesh from 150 µm à 3 000 µm (150,300,600, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000) for a diameter of 500 mm.

Mesh tubing finishes

Polyway realize several finishes for its mesh tubing range. The mesh tubing is realized in biosourced composite without sharp edges. Polyway build its mesh tubing with a smooth interior face and an icy exterior face.

The backflow hole is realized with a diameter of 50 millimeters whether it is the size of the sieve.

If you wish more information on our mesh tubing range, contact us!

mesh tube
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