Nursery tank for the oyster spat

The nursery tank allows the pre- fattening of oyster spat before farming at sea.

Nursery tank characteristics

The Polyway nursery tank is made of fiberglass reinforced polyester and its central channel makes it possible to extend the tray by simply adding more modules of 14 mesh tubes. With its flexible production capacity, it is suitable for all types of operations. The Polyway nursery tank allows pre-fattening of oyster spat in the nursery before farming at sea.

The polyester is a material for food uses. It’s ideal material for the oyster spat farming. This material is light, robust and imputrescible allowing better durability over time. The nursery tank is made up an upwelling system. It’s tailored to the oyster farming and clam farming.

Finishes of the nursery tank

Polyway realize several finishes for its nursery tanks range. The rank is rectangular without sharp edges. Furthermore, we apply a gelcoat on the tank’s smooth interior. For the exterior face, our teams apply a top coat with the same color. To guarantee the strength and the durability of this nursery tanks, a reinforcing lip is installed in the upper part of the basin.

In the nursery tank, we store different types of pipes. For the oyster spat farming and the clam spat farming, we install an overflow pipe with biocomposite sieves. A sieve diameter change from 400 mm at 500 mm. A drain pipe is installed with a PVC duct. Its diameter is 110 cm. Then, we put a PVC drain pipe with the same diameter.

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Nursery tank for oysters
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