Polyway in partnership with the key players in water technologies

As a full-fledged actor in the field of water to design and manufacture solutions for the storage and treatment of stormwater and/or wastewater, Polyway works in close partnership with the key players in its sector.
Privileged interlocutor in water technologies, Polyway handles all types of project dedicated to the pumping or treatment of water; from engineering to design and from manufacturing to commissioning.

Solutions for the transport of water: since more than 40 years, exclusive partnership with xylem water solutions

Xylem, world leader in water technologies

World leader in water technologies, Xylem covers the whole water cycle with a complete offer of products, solutions and innovative services, adapted to its customer’s applications. For the pumping and treatment of water, this offering is available through well-known brands such as Flygt, Godwin, Leopold, Sanitaire and Wedeco.

Polyway and Xylem: more than 40 years of co-development and partnership

With more than 40 years of existence, Polyway and Xylem partnership has developed through designing and manufacturing a large range of solutions for the transport of urban and industrial/wastewater for municipalities and industrials. Productivity, innovation and continual improvement are the guarantee of innovative products and solutions, co-branded by Xylem and Polyway which reflect the complementarity and quality of Polyway how-know, in the water technologies sector.

A partnership based on:

Benefiting from this mutual experience between Polyway and Xylem France, the partnership is now developing on the European market: Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Turkey, Finland, Germany, Italy…