The rainwater tank

The stormwater tank characteristics

This tank allows the rainwater harvesting and reuse.

The collect, filtration and retention of the rainwater are realized in the storage tank. The stored water volume is reused in due time by the user thanks to an integrated pumping system.

Polyway build the tank in fiberglass reinforced polyester and equips it with a high mechanical resistance.  Deemed for their solidity and robustness, the rainwater tanks are stainless and insensitive to corrosion.

This tanks range can achieve a volume from 3 up to 75m3 and a diameter from 1000 up to 2800 mm. Polyway present you standard sizes but also it can propose you a tailored solution.

the rainwater tankthe rainwater tank

On the stormwater tank, you will find different components:

  • (1) The storage tank;
  • (2) An access hatch (manhole) with or without extension;
  • (3) An access hatch cover of permanent formwork/fall protection system;
  • (4) A water inlet;
  • (5) A filter;
  • (6) A plunger tube sending water into the water tank;
  • (7) A calm water inlet;
  • (8) A filter overflow;
  • (9) An overflow siphon with rodent screen;
  • (10) A floating intake with screen to the pump unit (flow rate between 7 and 25 m3/h)/outlet tap.

The stormwater collection tank utilization

The rainwater tank implementation with the aim: the collect, filtration, storage and the reuse of rainwater. The user could reuse in due time the stormwater thanks an integrated pumping system.

The recovered rainwaters must be reused for a food usage. Polyway can to install a collection tank for the green area watering or for sports fields or agricultural land.

This water can to help to the toilets alimentation of sports venues, schools or even supermarkets. Also, you can to use the rainwater for car washing, equipment cleaning or industrial cleaning. The stormwaters help the process water substitution.

This storm water collection tank adapts to every land types:

  • The flush ground waters;
  • The green areas;
  • The cleanliness slab;
  • Aboveground;

The rainwater collection tank installation

Polyway propose you the installation of your tank, horizontally or vertically, buried or aboveground. The assembly of several tanks is possible with a minimal of 2 tanks.

Concerning the aboveground rainwater tank installation, we apply a topcoat protecting this one of exterior aggressions.

Polyway uses fiberglass reinforced polyester in order to make the installation easier because it’s a light material.

The storage tank anchoring is ensured by straps or polyester cribs.

The storage tank cleaning

For the tank maintenance, Polyway advises you to pass a water jet on the surface of this one. The water will avoid the development of a grease film.

If you wish more information, contact us or check the technical data sheet

Stormwater collection tank
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