Rectangular fish pond – Fish farming tank

Today, Polyway offers various forms of tanks for the fish farming. Rectangular tanks with flat bottom have designed in order to satisfy fish farmers’ needs.

The rectangular tank characteristics

The fish ponds are realized in fiberglass reinforced polyester guaranteeing resistance and durability over time. Light and robust, the polyester is a material adapting to any environment types. The maintenance and disinfection are eased because it’s an imputrescible material.

Several finishes are realized on rectangular fish tank. Throughout fabrication, a gel coat is applied on the tank’s smooth interior face. A top coat is also applied on the tank’s exterior face with the same color. The rectangular tanks are built without sharp edges. To finish, we install a reinforcing lip on the tank upper guaranteeing the solidity of this one.

Standard dimensions are available, varying from 125 liters at 3 175 liters with a ground clearance to 30 mm or 150 mm.

The fish farming tank use 

This fish pond type is used in several aquaculture jobs.

The fish farmers use rectangular tank with flat bottom for fishes swimming less. It can use this tank form for larval rearing, the quarantine or the fishes storage. The pre-fattening or the fattening of fishes are used also in these fish pond.

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Rectangular fish pond – Fish farming tank
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