Rectangular tank with inclined bottom - Fish pond

Polyway designs, builds and commercializes different types of fish tanks for the fish farming. For this, we have made a rectangular tank with an inclined bottom.

Fish farming rectangular tank characteristics

The fish pond is realized in fiberglass reinforced polyester. It’s light, robust and imputrescible allowing better resistance and durability over time.

The inclined bottom brings more rigidity to the tank and better water flow throughout draining. The maintenance and disinfection are eased.

The rectangular tank can contain until 7 750 liters. The tank’s length is to 4 090 mm and its height is to 950 mm. The ground clearance is to 200 mm allowing better stability of tank.

Polyway adapt to yours needs and offers you tailored solutions.

This tank type can usable for different cultivation: seaweed farming, aquaponics, shellfish farming, etc.

The rectangular tanks are dedicated to different uses as the larval rearing, the hatchery, the fattening, the quarantine or the fish storage.

Fish farming rectangular tank finishes

To guarantee the fish pond’s durability and resistance, we apply a gelcoat on the tank’s smooth interior face. Also, a topcoat is applied on exterior face with the same color.

So as solidify the fish tank, a reinforcing lip is installed in the upper of this one.

It’s possible to complete the tank’s equipment. For this, visit the section “parts and accessories”

If you wish more information on range of rectangular tanks, contact us!



Rectangular tank with inclined bottom
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