Rectangular tank - shellfish tank

Since many years, Polyway develops several products to answer shellfish farmers’ needs. We have designed different forms of ponds for breeding of shellfish, including the sloping bottom rectangular tank.

Characteristics of the shellfish pond

The tanks are realized in fiberglass reinforced polyester because it’s a material for food uses. This material is ideal for breeding of shellfish. Robust and light, the polyester allows a best durability and resistance over time. The FRP is rot-proof yielding the maintenance and disinfection easier.

The sloping bottom allows a better water flow throughout the cleaning of the pond.

Polyway proposes rectangular tank with a sloping bottom which can contain 7 750 liters with a ground clearance to 200 mm.

The tank is naked and undrilled, without equipment. For this, see the section parts and accessories.

Finishes of the shellfish pond

To guarantee the quality and strength of our products, we apply several finishes. First, a gelcoat is applied at the inner surface of the basin. At the outer surface, our teams apply a topcoat with the same color as the inner surface of the basin.

The tank is built without sharp edges so as to improve the tank esthetic. To conclude, a reinforcing lip is installed in the upper part of the basin.

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Rectangular tank
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