Septic tank

The septic tank allows the sewage preprocessing no connected to a public sanitation network. This device separates the water from particles and/or gritty materials with a flotation or decantation system.

The sewages are wastewaters containing faecal matter originating WC and urinals.

The wastewaters are collected in the tank. Then, the solid particles separation is realized by flotation or decantation. The effluent is discharged into the individual network to a treatment device by means of a spreading system or with fixed crops. The solid materials in tank bottom decompose thanks to bacteria.

The septic tank characteristics

Designed, build and delivered by Polyway, the septic tank is realized in fiberglass reinforced polyester. Stainless and insensitive to corrosion, this material guarantees the tank durability. Polyway puts a mechanical resistance in the septic tank.

We propose you a standard range from 3 up to 75 m3 and tailored solutions adapting to your needs.

septic tankseptic tank

You will find different components in the septic tank:

  • (1) Storage tank;
  • (2) Access hatch (manhole) with or without extension;
  • (3) Access hatch cover of permanent formwork / fall protection system;
  • (4) Wastewater / sewage inlet;
  • (A) Settling zone: organic matter falls to the bottom of the tank, and the grease and floating particles remain on the surface. The organic material is broken down by bacteria;
  • (5) Pretreated effluent outlet to a treatment system.

The septic tank utilization

The polyester is a material very light easing the tank installation modularity. The septic tank anchoring is ensured by straps or polyester cribs. Several sizes are available. For further information, we invite you to consult the technical data sheet of product.

The solution can be buried or aboveground, horizontally or vertically with a possibility to twin several tanks together.

Concerning the aboveground installation of the tank, our team applies a top coat protecting it from exterior aggressions in particular the UV.

The treatment device transport must be realized on a trailer. It’s necessary to ensure that the tank isn’t disposed on a cutting protuberance.

The treatment device cleaning

According to installation type, a grease film can form on the tank’s interior surface. To avoid the odor problems, Polyway advise you to clean it with a water jet on the surface. It’s recommended to control regularly the state of different accessories installed in the tank.

If you wish more information concerning the septic tank, contact us!

Septic tank
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