Shellfish purification tank or storage tank – shellfish tank

Characteristics of the shellfish purification tank

The shellfish tanks develop better durability and better robustness because they are realized in fiberglass reinforced polyester. The maintenance and disinfection are facilitated thanks to polyester which allows rendering the tank rot-proof.

Polyway offers purification tanks without sharp edges and a smooth interior. We apply a gelcoat inner liner.  In the out of the tank, our teams apply a top coat with the same color.  A reinforcing lip is installed in the upper part of the basin.

The standard purification tanks may contain from 125 liters to 3 275 liters. Also, Polyway could adapt to yours needs and you offer a tailor-made solution.

Shellfish purification tank use

The rectangular tanks can be used for the storage, the shellfish purification (oysters, mussels, shells, clams). The shellfishes are stored in plastics cases. Themselves are stocked in rectangular tanks. The tanks are filled with sea water and there are showers which allow spraying the shellfishes in order to preserve the quality of those.

The tanks are standing, with a built-in bottom drain and PVC outlet pipe (Ø63 / Ø110mm, color of your choice).

Rectangular tank maintenance

About the maintenance purification tank, Polyway recommend to pass a water jet regularly to avoid it becoming dirty.

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Purification or storage tank
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