Square aquaculture tank for larval hatchery

Square aquaculture tank characteristics

Any square tanks are in fiberglass reinforced polyester, standing, with a built-in bottom drain and PVC outlet pipe.

The square tanks have semi-rounded corners allowing better water circulation and an even distribution of larvae in the tank. The good food distribution allows an easy cleaning.

Polyway applies a dietary gelcoat on the tank’s interior face and a topcoat on the exterior face. Imputrescible and resistant over time, the square tank is going to fight outdoor elements, the wear, the corrosion and also the UV.

The polyester allows the square tank to resist to shocks. The tank’s specificities are a PVC built-in bottom drain with diameter of 63 mm or 110 mm according to the size of this one. The tank is put on foots allowing better stability.

Polyway propose you different colors for its square tank range.

Square aquaculture tank use

Polyway realizes square tanks for the shellfish aquaculture. With its semi-rounded corners, the square tank allows better larvae distribution in this one. Thus, the water circulation is improved.

This tank type is often used for the pre-fattening, the fattening or the reproduction of shellfishes.

If you wish more information, contact us or check the product’s technical data sheet.

Semi-square tanks for larval hatchery
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