Storage tank for fire reserve

The fire reserve allows the storage to 120m3 of water in case of fire. 

The water storage is realized from the network or rainwaters in two twin storage tank. It is necessary achieve a storage volume to 120m3 for a intervention time of 2h, for a flow of 60m3/h (Suction column with integrated fire), in accordance interministerial circular n°465 of 10th December 1951. 

The fire reserve characteristics

The water storage tank is dedicated to fire reserves. These tanks are realized in fiberglass reinforced polyester with a high mechanical resistance. The polyester is a material very robust. So, the tanks are stainless and insensitive to corrosion.

Polyway offers a fire reserve range going from 30 up to 60 m3 with a diameter from 2000 to 2800mm. There are standard sizes of storage tanks but Polyway adapt to yours needs. For this, it proposes tailored solutions.

Storage tank for fire reserveStorage tank for fire reserveStorage tank for fire reserve

On the storage tank for fire reserve, you will find different elements:

  • (1) Fire reserve;
  • (2) Access hatch (manhole) with or without extension;
  • (3) Access hatch cover of permanent formwork / fall protection system;
  • (4) A ventilation system to 90mm of diameter;
  • (5) A cable passage to 50mm of diameter;
  • (6) A city waters and stormwaters inlet to 40mm of diameter;
  • (7) Suction pipe with screen to 110m of diameter to ensure a flow of 60m3/h with fire hose coupling and support crosspiece;
  • (8) Pair a minimum of 2 tanks to achieve the required storage volume;
  • Cradle with holes for reinforcement hardware.

The fire reserve utilization

The establishment of a fire reserve allows meeting the standards of existing buildings but also new buildings. Polyway offers water reserve installation in different environments:

  • Rural areas;
  • Commercial zones;
  • Industrial sites;
  • Allotments;
  • Forest areas;
  • Areas where the fire network is unavailable nearby.

The fire reserve system allows the harvest and the storage of network waters or storm waters. In case of fire, the water is used thanks to a suction column with integrated fire with a minimal flow of 60m3 per hour.

The utilization of the storage tank for fire reserve

The fire reserve can be installed horizontally or vertically, buried or aboveground. Also, there is the possibility to twin several fire reserves together. For the aboveground fire reserves, Polyway cover the tank with a topcoat protecting this one of exterior aggressions.

The polyester is a light material easing the tank modularity and handling. The fire reserve anchoring is ensured by straps or polyester cribs.

The storage solution maintenance

For a best resistance of the tank, we advise you to use a water jet on the interior surface. It will allow avoiding the grease film development in the tank interior.

For more information, contact us or check the technical data sheet of fire reserve!

Storage tank for fire reserve
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