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The Comby®: the Floating Solution from Polyway, adding value to your port

A floating solution with a range of applications

The Polyway Comby® is a floating solution for pleasure boating ports, marinas, river ports, watersports centres, dry docks, and more. Modular, customisable, and always bespoke, the Polyway Comby® can be used for an extremely broad range of applications, or even a combination thereof: sanitation (rest-room, showers, urinals, nursery, slop sink, etc.), office, emergency station, technical facility, wastewater collection, resupply point... The Comby® is designed to be comfortable to use and run.

The solution of choice for ports without facilities, or those where facility access points are located far from the boats they serve, the Polyway Comby® is designed for port managers, directors, harbourmasters, local authorities, and pontoon-owners who want to provide their customers or users with a range of boatside services. Designed to form a seamless addition to your port environment, the Polyway Comby® can be adapted to all kinds of pontoon and easily hooked up to existing facilities. It is a blend of sleek design, operational effectiveness, high-end finishes, and environmental responsibility.

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