Lexique beginning with S


Screening of sewage or sludge

Seaweed farming

Seaweed farming for industrial or commercial use

Septic tank

Pretreatment tank allowing solids present in wastewater to settle. Treatment continues with the excess liquid draining into a drain field.


Process which consists of letting the heavier particles (in the water) settle to the bottom of a tank by gravity.


Raw waste from public or private sewers (also called blackwater)

Sewage system

System that controls stormwater and wastewater in an urban area

Shellfish farming

Techniques and processes used for shellfish farming


Mollusc (usually farmed) in the larval or embryonic state

Spray-up moulding

Manual method of simultaneously spraying chopped fibreglass and resin on the mould surface. Applications: all kinds of parts with simple or complex shapes. Small runs

Standard iso 9001

Description of the organizational requirements for an optimal quality management system


Rainwater having touched the ground or a built surface that may intercept or collect it (roof)


Stormwater management system

System that controls the flow of rainwater and runoff by retention or infiltration. Also used for the collection, storage and treatment of stormwater and runoff when they might affect the sewage system.



Process consisting of coating fibreglass with resin. The process is repeated on several layers

Suspended solids (tss)

Particles suspended in water, making it cloudy and coloured